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“Trevor Morris is actually one of a few composers who knows exactly how to write for concert purposes”

-Agata Grabowiecka | Executive Director : Krakow Film Music Festival


Trevor Morris has taken his music out of the recording studio, and onto the Global Concert Stage. Having conducted his music live as some of the most auspicious and celebrated festivals for live Film & Television music in the world, performing live has become a passion.

Trevor’s most recent performance was a Ten Minute suite from his project “Emerald City”, a modern retelling of The Wizard of Oz. It had its world premiere at the Krakow Film Music Festival for a sold out audience of over 15,000 people.

Trevor was especially thrilled to have shared the stage with the legendary Canadian composer Howard Shore, who’s Lord of the Rings music was also performed that night.

He has also conducted at the much celebrated Fimucite Concert Festival in the Canary Island’s Tenerife Spain. One of the years biggest and most anticipated concert events for live Film & Television music.

Other concert venues Trevor has been invited to conduct his music for include Cordoba Spain, Los Angeles and Toronto.